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Organ Donation


Organ donation is a medical procedure which involves process of donating organs or tissue from a living or dead person to be transplanted into living recipients who, in many cases, is very ill or dying. It is proven to save lives or improves quality of life.


The process of organ donation involves a sterile team of surgeons. The removal of organs will not cause any mutilation or disfiguration of the body. Following the removal of the organs, the surgical wound will be closed leaving no physical disfiguration.


In our country, rate of organ donation is in huge demand in view of increasing number of patients who needs transplant. Both government and private sector play crucial role to spread the awareness of organ donation in every level of society. Recently, numbers of donation shows improvement, and awareness level has increased.




Organ & Tissue That Can Be Donated


























Who can donate?

Everyone can pledge to become an organ donor.


In Malaysia, children and mentally disordered persons are not allowed to donate organs while they are still alive. Prisoners are also not allowed to donate organs unless in life threatening circumstances involving close relatives.


The determination to become an actual organ donor depends on where and how the donor dies. Specialized health professionals will also assess the conditions of the organ for suitability. Those with certain medical conditions such as transmissible diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B or C, Syphilis are not allowed to donate their organs.




How can I Become a Donor?


Simply complete this donor pledge form at following website of Transplantation Unit & National Transplant Resource Centre.








Tell your family about your decision to be a registered pledger so that your wish of donating your organ will be fulfilled. This will also make it easier for your family to allow your organ to be donated when and if the time comes.


Keep the donor card in your wallet.


Registering, as a pledger does not require any payment or medical/health check-ups.

Children under the age of 18 must acquire parents or guardian¡¯s consent before registering as a pledger.


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