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Every ringgit that you donate brings a ray of hope to the lives of people suffering from chronic kidney failure. Your donation can cover the cost of dialysis treatment amounting from RM 2,600.00 to RM 3,700.00 per month for one patient, excluding other medical expenses.


We extend our sincere invitation to you to participate in the various SKF programmes; to help raise funds for our needy dialysis patients. This is worthy cause for us to spread love to those who are in need for many years to come.


Those who are interested can contact our office for further information.



1. One Time Donation






































2. Regular Donor


Making a regular donation is one of the best ways to support us. 


Please Contact Us for further information on how to be a regular SKF donor.



3. SKF RM1.00 per month Program


To many of us, RM1.00 per month may seem very little. However, it means a lot to poor and needy kidney patients. Your RM1.00 every month donated to SKF will enable you to help our patients who cannot afford the treatment they need to stay alive.


All you have to do is to convince your officers/employees to donate RM1.00 per month to SKF. You can then help us to collect the donation every month.


Your employees can authorize your Company to deduct the donation from their salary every month. Your Company will then remit the money to SKF, together with a list of the donors and the amount donated by each of them.


For further information, please contact us.



4. Donation Box Outlets


Another means of raising funds for SKF would be to put out donation boxes at strategic locations. This programme was started in 2008 to support the health care programmes. We would like therefore to seek your kind permission to put out such boxes in your office / outlet / building.


For further information, please Contact Us.

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Name: Sibu Kidney Foundation

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