Recycling Projects


Sibu Kidney Foundation started to collect recycling materials since 1998. Many people in our community are participating in this worthwhile project.


Studies by the government have shown that the average Malaysian produces 0.8kg to 1.2kg of solid waste a day, meaning an estimated 30,000 to 33,000 tonnes of waste is being produced daily.


SKF accepts the following recyclable materials:



Please Contact Us at 084-343500 for further clarification.


: Including metal rods and bars, tin cans, car accessories, etc.                          


: Including aluminium cans, doors, windows and other similar items.                


Note : To separate the different items in accordance to type.



: Used papers including computer printouts, letters, books, exercise books,               

  calendars, magazines, etc.                   


Note : To sort them out according to its various type / kind ĘC and tie them

up into neat bundles. Old paper and cupboard boxes are to be

cut up and tied into bundles.



: All plastic including large / small drinking bottles, cosmetic casings, detergent                  

  bottles, medicine bottles, plastic moulds and toys, etc.              


Note : To separate the large and small drinking bottles; those that are

clean and those that are dirty.



: Big and small car batteries, normal used batteries of different types and sizes.




: All types of glass bottles, beer bottles, food sauce bottles, etc.


Note : To remove the label and wash clean the inside of the bottles. Sort out

  according to their types and kinds; placing them in plastic bags.